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Operating Statements and Property Inspections

Website enhancements to Operating Statements and Property Inspections
No new website enhancements were implemented for the 2020 Operating Statement Normalization and Property Inspection processes. Please make note of the deadlines for submission below. Also, remember the Normalization Procedures, Normalization Desk Reference and Property Inspection Procedures are located in the CML Asset Management link under Downloadable Forms.

Deadlines for 2020 submission are as follows:

             Operating Statements:
             All Problem/Watch Loans                      May 31, 2020  
             All Others Outstanding                         June 30, 2020  

             Property Inspections:                       December 31, 2020  

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Nationwide Real Estate Investments (REI) is responsible for all real estate related debt investments, including commercial mortgage loans, real estate funds, and mezzanine/equity held by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliates (Nationwide).

Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the United States with $21 billion in revenue and $140 billion in assets. Nationwide consists of four core businesses: personal protection, personal investment, retirement planning and commercial/specialty insurance lines. Through these businesses it provides a full range of products and financial services including auto, fire, life, health and commercial insurance; administrative services; annuities; mutual funds; and retirement plans. Nationwide employs approximately 36,000 people, has a market presence in 35 countries, was recently ranked at 100 on the Fortune 500 list, and has more than 16 million policies in force.

In keeping with the corporate mission “to create value for our clients and protect their assets while building a secure financial future” and our On Your Side promise to constantly serve the best interests of our many stakeholders, the REI team provides commercial mortgage debt products to sponsors throughout the United States with a focus on offering flexibility, reliable execution, and quick response times to meet the client’s needs. The debt products are accessed through Nationwide’s extensive mortgage banking network of Loan Correspondents, who represent Nationwide in nearly every major city in the country.  

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